Divine Activation - Single Session

Your ascension journey is unique to you. In fact, it's all about you.

And yet, you're not meant to walk your path alone. 

Man or woman, one session with me will assist you in moving beyond an obvious energetic loop or a sneaky pattern that is hiding just outside of your awareness and keeping you from making the progress you know you are capable of right now.

Commence Divine Activation

What you experience during your session


will vary according to the current state of your energy field.

If you are just beginning to walk the path of your soul, you will have more energetic density that needs to leave your field in order to make room for more of your divine light to come in. In this case, your experience will leave you feeling lighter and firmly grounded, perhaps more so than you have ever felt before. You will be better able to recognize when your own divinity is speaking to you, which effectively is all of the time.

If you have been doing energy work for some time, your full and complete commitment to receiving the exacting help from your divinity is what will propel you to achieve your next level. Expect significant change within a short period of time following your session.

Pattern Interruption

Change is created when you choose to let go of old patterns that are keeping you stuck. On a scale of 0-100, how committed are you to letting go?

Rapid Expansion

Within my frequency, you have the ability to move through portals you didn't know existed. Ready for something fun? Let's play!

Divine Clarity

Your level of faith will continue to deepen as you do the work. Why? The pure frequency of you is unmistakable and has your back 100%!

The benefits that you receive from this session


will be in accordance with your highest good. 

Rest assured that all work that is done will be guided by your highest self and other spiritual members of your unique team.

I am not here to heal you, but rather to assist you in opening up your own path and remembering more of who you truly are ... to assist you in reclaiming the power that has always been yours along the way.

You are the creator of your reality. I am here to serve you within the highest frequency energy that is available to you at this time.

Humanity needs you to shine your light as brightly as you are able to in every moment ... starting right now.

You may notice an immediate shift in your field when you say yes to your next level.

Why wait?

Are You Ready to Come Home?

Home ... is you remembering yourself as a divine being of light ... reclaiming all of your unique power ... and doing the work to reinstate the pure frequency of you. You become a divine human who has the ability to live a conscious, multidimensional existence.

You are a powerful creator. You create your reality, and with every step you take in commitment to your unique journey, you will see your reality continue to blossom until you are once again living in Eden.

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It's Time for Your Next Level

If your soul has guided you to be here reading these words right now, you are ready. This is when you must feel the fear, the anxiety, or the need for what is familiar ... and say yes to change anyway.

Heaven on Earth is available to all who choose to do the work ... letting go of all that is not who they truly are. This includes all outdated beliefs, programmed illusions, societal conditioning, ancestral baggage, et. al.

ALL of it must go.

YOU are meant to let it go, or you wouldn't be here right now.

If you're 100% committed to your soul's path, click below.

Thy Will Be Done