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By Divine Design, Your Life is Supposed to be as Simple as a Day Spent in Nature.

You know you are an energetic being. You are aware that the frequency song of your spirit - your divinity - has been calling you home for a very long time. 


You would choose to distinguish this frequency that is unique to you from among chaotic frequencies that you often feel consume you throughout the day. You are familiar with the calm, grounded way you feel after an immersion into nature, but this feeling is elusive upon returning to your “normal” life. Precisely Eden is nature-led living in every facet of life as your divine human. Here you will remember how to live life in connection with nature at all times. Here Eden will remind you how to keep things simple.


You know there is another level of faith for you to develop. This is the faith that will allow you to take steps according to the guidance that comes from within you. Precisely Eden will serve as your reminder that NO ONE and NO THING outside of you has answers that will serve your highest good. Here you will tap into your inner wisdom and the abilities you’ve always had but simply forgot about for a while.


You want to walk your highest path, but you are struggling to see it beneath your feet. You are following the light you are aware of to the best of your ability. Precisely Eden will help you reclaim the anchor point that assures you of being on your highest path at all times, no matter how dark it appears in front of you.

Glimpse Into Eden

You are the creator of your life experience.

Your intention can initiate an outcome better than anything you have yet considered. Choose to believe this is true … and in time,  you will come to recognize this truth in your body. 

When you combine your intention with nature’s ways, anything is possible.

As an example, begin with the plant music* video found on this page. Set your intention to listen from a place of presence - and then allow yourself to follow the guidance you receive to do just that. 

Ask to feel your connection to the plant that created the music. Make the choice to experience energetic upgrades such as peace and joy as you listen. Learn to fine tune your dial to the station (frequency) you would choose to listen to on a regular basis.

What you experience will be unique to you.  Ask only that the outcome of your experience serves your highest good. If something comes forward that feels less than pleasant, this may be your cue as to where you need to do the work required so you are able to continue moving forward on your highest path.

Nature-led living is how I believe life is meant to be lived. I am here, choosing  to share my wisdom and otherwise help you identify the patterns and other sticky spots in your life experience that are keeping you stuck, because I want you to experience heaven on Earth. As you choose to engage with me and my universe, I will continue to offer you support and solutions so you can fly - as free as the birds of the sky.

*Music created using PlantWave

It’s lovely to meet you!

My birth name is Debra Jean Hagedorn.

I am. I choose to walk with God on my highest path - the path which allows me to be of service to the greater good of humanity.

Precisely Eden is the space from within which I will help you remember who you truly are.

In doing so, you will be able to feel and experience the pure frequency of you, and you will learn to use this as the anchor point that assists you in walking your own unique path.

I look forward to meeting you on your journey.


Glimpse Into Eden  

Learn to tune in and feel the frequency of you - the unique frequency that has always been guiding you home.

Unlock, unravel, and/or unearth the key to your next step toward experiencing your own  Eden on a daily basis. 

What's included:

  • One free audio recording - plant music
  • 45-60 minute call with me

Expanding Your Divine Light!

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Explore multidimensional Earth experiences and cosmic wisdom to assist in creating the new world, all expertly transmitted by Debbie Hagedorn. Don't miss out on the insights, growth, and expansion awaiting you in each episode.

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