Embrace Your Divine Journey: Creating Your Own Heaven on Earth

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Hello, dear one,

You are the creator of your life experience. Everything is energy, and your life is a reflection of the energy frequencies within your personal energetic system. If you're ready to elevate your life, expand your divine light, and embark on a transformative journey, stay with me.

Meet Your Guide

My name is Debbie Hagedorn, and my words carry the codes, activations, and upgrades you need to enhance your energetic system. Each time you listen to my podcast recordings, allow these words to permeate your being, helping you create aha moments and the awareness needed to release what no longer serves your highest good.

Remember Your Divine Nature

You are a divine being of light. During these unprecedented times, as we collectively raise human consciousness and bring forth heaven on earth, remember your unique power and purpose. You've got this.

Stepping into Your Heaven on Earth

If you're hearing my voice, well done. You've crossed the threshold into an energetic space where you can truly create your version of heaven on earth. This is an opportunity for all who choose to do the work now.

  • Heaven on Earth: This frequency is created by you and flows through you as you release long-held baggage—people, beliefs, experiences, emotions—that no longer serve you.

Visualizing Your Heaven on Earth

What does heaven on earth look like to you? Your mind has ideas, but the true essence of heaven on earth is beyond imagination. Feel this truth in your heart. In stillness, bring yourself to the present with a few breaths. Place your hands over your high heart space and allow yourself to feel the frequencies of your heaven on earth: love, joy, peace, harmony, unity, laughter, compassion, kindness, integrity, and truth.

Key Takeaways for Your Journey

  • Daily Practice: Tune into your body’s wisdom. Your body will guide you on the foods you need, the rest required, and the relationships that serve your highest good.
  • Letting Go: Be willing to release what no longer serves you daily. Cosmic energies are constantly purging our systems. Embrace this purge to become your divine human.
  • Faith and Guidance: In moments of confusion or uncertainty, return to stillness. Ask for help from your highest self and spiritual team. They are always available, but you must ask.
  • Embodying Heaven on Earth: Choose to do the work, no matter what. This path isn't known to your mind but felt in your heart. Your highest self has already walked it and knows it better than anyone.

Commitment to Your Highest Good

I choose to do the work daily, ensuring my energetic system is free of all that no longer serves my highest good. My mind is my partner, but my heart knows the way. I choose to create my heaven on earth and help you do the same.

Your Divine Path

For me, there is no other path but this one. I walk with God in every moment. Thy will be done. I allow my light to shine as brightly as I can. I serve in the way I am meant to, even if I don’t always know what that looks like. In faith, I am committed 100%.

Embracing Change

During these times of chaos, stop looking outside yourself. The external world’s upheaval is not relevant. Systems built on lies and division must fall for new, truthful structures to rise. Let go of familiarity and comfort, and embrace faith in the unknown path ahead.

Final Thoughts

In faith, I stand. In faith, I shine my light. In faith, I speak to you with all the love in my heart. I invite you to walk this path with me in your unique way. I see your strength and look forward to connecting with you again in perfect time.

Key Points to Remember:

  • You are the creator of your life experience.
  • Everything is energy; align with your highest frequencies.
  • Embrace your divine nature and unique path.
  • Daily practice of tuning into body wisdom and letting go of what no longer serves.
  • Seek guidance from your highest self and spiritual team.

Listen to the podcast episode here: Heaven on Earth ... the Frequency Comes THROUGH You

Your Unique Path to Eden

is created with every step that you choose to take and indeed, this is truly a one-step-at-a-time kind of journey.
As you feel the YES!

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